How to get Excellent Customer Service in a store
Helpful hint on how to get excellent customer service at a store #6:

If an employee is running a price check, don’t follow them to the item.

The employee probably knows where the thing is, and they are almost definitely not going to lie and try to cheat you. If you were right, then you should have no need to follow the employee because the employee will just tell the cashier exactly what you said.

If the employee is going in the wrong direction to the product, that probably means that either she knows of another place where the item is, also, and is checking to make sure that both places are priced correctly, or she is checking with her manager about signage. Don’t get all pissy because she didn’t go in the direction or speed you thought she should.

If you see a radio hooked to her ear, that means that as soon as she gets to the item in question, she’s going to tell your cashier what she sees. That means that if you follow her to the item, YOU are the one holding yourself up. We are only waiting for YOUR slow ass to get there.

When you follow the price checker to the item, just so you can gloat about how you were right, the price checker will hate you and want to hit you, because you are an asshole. Don’t do that.

Remember, too, that in some stores, if you leave the line (even if you’re in the process of checking out) you will have to get back in the END of the line, so that you won’t be holding anyone up. So don’t be surprised if you walk away and your cashier is already checking someone (more polite) out.